Why the breakfast pictures?

I was and am a breakfast person, if I don’t have breakfast I can’t function…like some people with coffee. 😀 :))

For three years, a while ago,  I have been living on an industrial Island in Indonesia, called Batam.

The breakfast there is very different than the one I was used with. Roti, roti prata with egg, onion or chicken, tea, coffee with milk, carrot cake, soup… People have it at food courts in the fresh market or around malls.

Breakfast at the fresh market
Breakfast at the fresh market
Breakfast at the fresh market

As an European I am used with buying  cheese, ham, yoghurt, sausage, bacon from any minimarket, supermarket, anywhere and any time. This are some of the little things we take for granted.

Batam is an industrial Island, so almost all the food is imported. In supermarket I was finding oranges from Spain, apples from New Zealand, meat, butter from Australia….and very little “western” food. No bacon, no ham, no salami, no sausage and limited dairy products, especially cheese. Sometimes I was finding at a Western food shop, but not the same quality.

So the breakfast options were limited…..for how long can a person eat porridge and cereal? :))

I started to develop a bad habit of eating sweets for breakfast and ordering pancakes from McDonald’s :D.

Indonesian sweets



Each country we visit have different food custom and is good to try them. Also is very normal to miss the food we like and enjoy, our favourite products. It makes us appreciate them more when we have them. We should adapted the breakfast to our needs and joy.



…to be continued ….


“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” John Gunther


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