Why the breakfast picture? part 2

After Indonesia followed Turkey!

Amazing country! Amazing food! Amazing people! Of course: amazing breakfast! ❤

Because I could find so many of the products I loved and missed for so long, breakfast became a joy, no longer a stressful moment.

I started the Instagram account while I was in Turkey. I believe I wanted to share the joy and inspiration the food, country and people gave me. ❤

When people refer to breakfast, in general, ( not the foodies 😀 ) they say : “Eggs for breakfast!”, “Pancakes forbreakfast.”, “Cereal for breakfast.”  But eggs can be made in so many ways, and accompanied by so many other products. Can be fried, boiled (hard or soft), scrambled… Can be eaten with cheese, bacon, sausage, toast, so many vegetables…. Pancakes, waffles,crepes,  also can be eaten with jam, fruits, ice cream, bacon, sausage…. So much diversity!

Through the pictures I try to show this diversity, and how with little effort and imagination we can make the breakfast amazing and not a burden!

Breakfast can be interesting and exited. This is how we start our day, and can make a day amazing….or a bad one.

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast!” – John Gunther




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