Sometimes things go wrong ….. just to be perfect!

Last week I had some serious thinking about what cake to make for the New Year Party!

I like them fruity, light, sweet, but not too sweet, like the mince pies. If you know what I mean :))

I got to the conclusion I will make sponge dough with sour cherry inside, chocolate cream ( maybe some sour cherry inside too) and chocolate glaze. Sounds good and simple! Juicy, fruity, light, airy , perfection after so much food!

I start and make the dough …. surprise!!! the hand mixer stops cooperating with me ( this is an old hand mixer I have it from my grand mother! ❤ 😀 ). I finish the dough by hand and put the sour cherry in and bake it! Everything comes out perfect! ❤ Not only my opinion! 😀

The chocolate cream I wanted to make is an instant type, the one we buy in a package and add cold milk and mix ( with a mixer!!!!) .While the dough gets cold it hits me that I can’t make the cake I wanted because the mixer doesn’t want to cooperate!

At the end of the day I ended up with an amazing sour cherry cake instead of an experiment cake! ❤ My family loved it!

Now I am wondering…was that a sign? :)) I still think would be a good combination! What you think?





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