Who doesn’t love crepes? ❤

They are easy to make! You can have them for breakfast, as a dessert or even used to  make main dishes.

For breakfast we can fill them with jam, honey, fruits, ice cream, maple syrup …. anything you wish with. If you want something out of ordinary, you can have them with bacon or sausage… 😀

What we need:

  • 2 eggs
  • one cup of milk
  • one cup of flour
  • vanilla extract, if you want you can add other flavour

You can make it with as many eggs you want. This is a norm.

We make the mix and let it rest a little. After, we make the crepes. You can make it in the evening, make some crepes and leave some dough for morning in the fridge. It is still good! Even if you have a non-sticky pan, is good to put a little oil before using. Spread the oil with a paper napkin. These way the extra oil will be absorbed.

Depends on the size of the pan, the quantity you need to poor into the pan is half to 1 ladle. If you notice is not covering all the pan you can add extra.

It is ready to turn on the other side when air bubbles start to appear.

Bon appetite!

Crepes with jam


Crepes filled with cottage cheese


Crepes with cherry ice cream and dry cherry
Crepes with sour cherry jam and cream
Crepes with lemon ice cream
Crepes with sour cherry jam
Breakfast: crepes with jam and honey
Crepes, jam and orange juice

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