Boeuf salad

I love this salad! ❤ It can be made with meat and without.  I believe different Eastern-European countries have it, with their little adjustment. What we need: 1 chicken breast or 500 gr of beef 500 gr potatoes 3 carrots 2 parsley roots 1 small celery 200 gr peas, optional 500 gr pickles mustard mayonnaise … More Boeuf salad

Oriental salad

This is a very easy salad to make. You can keep it in the fridge for a few days and eat it cold. What we need: 1 kg potato 2 onions olives oil 8 eggs salt pepper vinegar The onion can be white or red or spring onion, the olives can be black, green, seedless, … More Oriental salad

Irish lamb stew

I love an Irish lamb stew, it is delicious! The recipe I found and I love it is from  Irish lamb stew The first time I made it I was in Turkey, the lamb there is amazing ❤ and bacon is hard to find 😀 , so what I made differently, I didn’t add … More Irish lamb stew

Baked mushrooms

I like baked mushrooms. Simple or stuffed, they are easy to make. I usually use Champion mushrooms. If we make them simple: We need a tray and coat it with oil. We take the mushrooms, we clean them with a paper towel and place them upside down into the tray. You don’t need to leave … More Baked mushrooms

Oven baked carp

Fish is healthy and can be made in so many different ways: fried, baked, marinated, grilled, smoked…. Today I will present you a recipe with wine that can be eaten warm and also cold. Can be eaten simple, with bread, baked pickled cabbage, potatoes, other vegetables…. what ever you wish with … explore. ❤ What … More Oven baked carp


Who doesn’t love crepes? ❤ They are easy to make! You can have them for breakfast, as a dessert or even used to  make main dishes. For breakfast we can fill them with jam, honey, fruits, ice cream, maple syrup …. anything you wish with. If you want something out of ordinary, you can have … More Crepes